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Babbu Mann – Punjabi Music Sensation to Woo Bollywood in 2015

The living legendary singer of Punjab, Babbu Maan has always been a sensation in Punjabi music scene and the man surely has many awards and crazy fan frenzy to vouch for it. Babbu Maan enjoys huge fan following so much so that people literally tattoo his name on their bodies or paint his picture on their cars. The superstar singer just won himself not one or two but as many as four awards at the highly coveted World Music Awards in Monte Carlo 2014.

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Maan earned to his merit the World’s Best Indian Male Artist Award, Best Indian Live Act, Best Indian Entertainer and Best Indian Album Award at the WMA this year. Although the Punjabi pop star has reasons to rejoice but his winnings are only making his resolve stronger. The superstar has a resolution for 2015 – that of winning over Bollywood music industry by working with talented music directors from Bollywood whether they are old or new. And with the way Babbu Maan seems to be going we are sure he will swipe clean all awards next year in Bollywood music as well not to mention the superhit singer is also shifting base to Mumbai next year. Well it’s going to be well worth the wait!

Bharathari Kripa Entertainment In Association with Pehal Rangmanch Group Presenting Stage Play RUSTOM-O-SOHRAB

A Grand Persian Epic..Musical Play( in Hindi & Urdu)

Writer : Agha Hashr Kashmeeri

Director :Imtiaz Ahmed (National School of Drama)

Music: Ishtiaq Ahmed

Producer : Prachi Beniwal & Kaushal Sharma

After receiving whole hearted appreciation from the audience of Gandhi Park, Saharanpur & Jaipur, Bharathari Kripa Entertainment & Pehal Rangmanch Group are determind to please the audience of the city of Dreams Mumbai with their Blockbuster play RUSTOM-O-SOHRAB.

RUSTOM-O-SOHRAB a grand Persian Epic of Indian history is directed  by Imtiaz Ahmed ( National School of Drama), Music by Ishtiaq Ahmed, Well written by Agha Hashr Kashmeeri, Produced by Prachi Beniwal & Kaushal Sharma, with costumes Designed by Farha Imtiaz & ShaistaI shtiaq.

The play will reflect all emotions of Indian Cinema from breathtaking dialogues to appealing romantic songs and from emotional sad songs to full entertaining Belly Dance and suitable fight sequences.

This initiative by Bharathari Kripa Entertainment & Pehal Rangmanch Group is to give our young generation audience the knowledge and glimpses of our long forgotten history and values of Persian Culture wrapped in a packet of full time entertainment. The live performance on stage is a journey to remember.

Character played are as follows:
RUSTOM – SohanDev
SOHRAB – Arif Siddiqui

TEHMEENA – PrachiBeniwal

GARD-AAFREED – MadhulikaJatoliya

AFRASIYAB – Jai Prabhat

KAIKAUS – Ishtiaq Ahmed
HAJEER – KaleemSaeed
PEELSAM – Vasil Khan

HOMAN – Yogesh Bhatt
BARMAN – Aanand Dubey
TOOS – Dalpat  Desai
GUDARZ – VivaanParashar
KANEEZ(1) – ZainabGhadiyal
KANEEZ(2) – SonikaBawra
KANEEZ(3) – ChetnaBatham.

KANEEZ(4) – AashiThakral

KANEEZ(5) – Pooja

The Play is scheduled For Sunday 1st Feburary 2015  at 7.00 pm onwards at Sophia Hall, Peddar Road, Mumbai. For advance booking of Tickets visit or at Venue from 20thJan.2015 full day or call us for details on 7715043174, 7738036651, 9167064994,9920295858 or email us,

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