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Priyanka Singh’s Film Acid Inspires Change In Society And Thinking

Film Review

Film: Acid

Director: Priyanka Singh

Ratings: 3 stars

A film based on social evil like throwing acid on the face of girls of the country, ACID has released this week. Based on the real-life acid attack, the film is produced by debutant director-producer Priyanka Singh. She also played the lead role of acid attack victim girl Ruhana in this movie. The film is released nationwide on 3rd January.Release  by Screenshot Media & Entertainment Group

It is being compared to Deepika Padukone starrer Chhapaak, but its treatment is different and it is very realistic. Meghna Gulzar’s Chhapaak is the story of Laxmi Agarwal, an acid attack survivor, while Priyanka Singh’s Acid is also based on a real-life incident in UP, where a young girl was attacked with acid. After watching this movie, it is realized that the purpose of making it is not just to make a cinema but to start a debate in the country and society about this social disease.

Priyanka Singh has not dramatized the scenes of this film by showing her directing skills but has shot it realistically. Through this film, an attempt has also been made to look into the minds of such dreadful criminals.

Acid co-producer Maan Singh has also played a negative role in this film. This movie shows the struggle of women in a male dominated society. This film is not about any one girl, but it shows the pain of all the women.

Priyanka Singh, who hails from Ranchi, plays the acid victim in it. Priyanka has also directed and acted in the film. Seeing the story of the acid attack victim in this film, people’s soul tremors. Presenting such a story on screen was a big challenge for Priyanka, but this role based on the life of acid victim Ruhana of Lucknow has been played by Priyanka with great effort. Priyanka has prepared quite a lot to play this role. She has spent time with many acid sufferers, realizing their story and pain.

What kind of narrow mindset criminalizes such people. They ruin the lives of girls like Ruhana for their small thinking and false pride. This film gives the message of ending this mentality from the root. The film also gives the message that those daughters who are struggling to get out of this wound to make a mark in their lives and get their rights, should also be encouraged. The film says that every person of the society has to come forward to end the bad mindset and dirty thinking.

The film has been appreciated at the Film Festival of India and abroad and now in theaters film is getting better response from the audience. Must see the movie once.

Ratings 3 stars

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