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Anushka Prakash Harake Winner Of Many Pageants Awards In Teen Category

I am Anushka Prakash Harake. I am 10 years old. I got recognition in an International Beauty Contest held in the year 2021, besides some other awards.

I am a young and dynamic kid from Pune Maharastra. As I am a school-going kid with my unique thinking, I am praised for thinking beyond the limitations of society and family.

I have a distinctive and scholastic approach towards life, which enables me to always optimistically analyze things. There is a positivity that always resigns me. This energy within me makes me a keen learner and a problem solver. I have the confidence to handle the challenges of life courageously and with total exuberance.

I dream of being a role model for kids and contributing something positive to this society by using the positive qualities within me. My hobbies are modeling, acting, singing and dancing. I enjoy outdoor sports like swimming, chess, badminton, and skating to keep me healthy and energized.

I want every girl to believe in her and make their own identity in this male-dominated society by following their dreams. I want to pass on the message that some people want to pull down powerful women. This must not hinder the growth of women, and she must strive with a more challenging attitude to achieve her set goals.

I have succeeded with titles like Winner of Cool Teen Miss Mrs Mr 2017, Winner of Little Miss Maharastra 2019, 1st runners-up in ZEEAL Miss India 2021. Some other feathers added in my cap are Komal Baby Sarees Shoot 2018, 1st Runners up in Teen Glam Walk PCMC 2018, Teen Miss and Mrs Universe 2021 winner for beautiful hair, winner of Kids Runway 2K19 PCMC. I have also got an opportunity to be the Brand Ambassador of Junior Fashion Week, India’s Cutest Kid Season 4, Calendar Model Hunt. I also won best kids for the competition called Me and Mom. I always believe to be a woman of substance and strive for success.

I believe that these awards have only strengthened me and helped me be a beautiful person inside out. My internal beauty has always made me approach the world with confidence and build positivity among the people around me. In this beautiful short journey of my life, the most important lesson I gained is hard work can make every impossible dream come true.

I was delighted to represent India at this prestigious international event. I owe my success to my parents and the teachers without whose support it wouldn’t be possible to taste this success. They have always supported me wholeheartedly in whatever I wanted to do in my life. They guide me and encourage me to achieve my goals. Talking about my preparation for the international pageant, I take care of my diet and exercise; I try to keep myself motivated and happy all the time. I try to eat healthy food. I practice yoga for good health and a focused mind. As a child, I love to act in the school theatre.

I am always excited about new events, and I look forward to meeting new people from different countries, learn new things and keep everyone happy along with myself.

My all details are here:-

Date of birth:- 11th July 2011

My Instagram handle is anushka_celebrity_official

My facebook handle is Prakash Harake

Here is my g-mail:


My motto is just to believe in yourself and be a beautiful person inside out.

Pandit Suvir Mishra (GST Commissioner Mumbai) Song Recording Full Story

कैसे रिकॉर्ड हुआ पंडीत सुविर मिश्रा (GST कमिस्नर मुम्बई) का गाना ।

मुम्बई मे पिछ्ले दीनों पन्डीत सुविर मिश्रा जी के अवाज मे मशहूर संगीतकार दिलीप सेन ने गाना रिकॉर्ड किया,सुविर मिश्रा जी वैसे तो सिविल सर्विस करते है । मुम्बई बांद्रा कुर्ला कॉमप्लेक्स मे GST कमिस्नर के पद पे कार्यरत है ।  पर पन्डीत सुविर मिश्रा जी को रुद्र वीणा बजाने मे महारथ हासिल है,इस गाने को संगीत बद्ध किया है दिलीप सेन जी ने ।

अपको बता दु की ओम मोशन इंटरटेनमेन्ट बैनर तले गाना रिकॉर्ड किया गया, वही पन्डीत सुविर मिश्रा ने मिडीआ को जानकारी देते हुये कहा की,ये गाना बिल्कुल और गानों अलग है । अलग इसलिए है की,भगीरथ गंगा को धरती पर लाना चाहते हैं थे ।

लेकीन गंगा को धरती पर लाये कैसे,गंगा की धारा इतनी तेज थी की सीधे धरती पर लाने का मतलब तबाही, तब भगीरथ ने एक बार फिर तपस्या कर भगवान शिव से मदद की गुहार लगाई, भगवान शिव प्रसन्न होकर गंगा को अपनी जटाओं से होकर धरती पर जाने को कहा,तब जाके गंगा धरती पर अवतरित हुई ।


इस गाने की खास बात ये है की रुद्र वीणा पहली बार भगीरथ ने भगवान शिव को प्रसन्न करने के लिये बजाई थी,दुसरी बार पन्डीत सुविर मिश्रा जी ने बजाई, रुद्र वीना है क्या, इसको कैसे बजाते है, तो जानने के लिये खुद जानिए पन्डीत सुविर मिश्रा जी से ।


Santy Sharma Posted A Beautiful Video On His Instagram

Rapper Santy Sharma has uploaded his first reel on Instagram and the viewers are left in awe of the scene. In that video Santy can be seen  feeding a squirrel and it is purely wholesome to watch something that is so closely connected to nature.

Santy Sharma who currently owns an enormous crowd following on his Insta page has already posted over a 100 posts but now he has at last entered the world of Reels with his first reel. The caption states “Squirrel took my heart”, well it certainly took the viewers heart as well with its endearing looks soon after he took the fodder from Santy’s hand.

Recently on 9th September, Santy has shared an Instagram Story with thankful msg, where he thanks to all his fans and family for the birthday wishes.

Ganesh Sharma Famously known as Santy Sharma is an Indian Singer, Rapper from Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, has gained a huge fan following over the course of 5 years solely with his voice which the crowd connects to on a diverse level. The Founder of the Digital Marketing Company, “Digital Yoog” has proved his versatility many times through his official YouTube channel where he frequently uploads his songs and raps and has thus so far managed to motivate people with his unique talent and lyrics, All of that at such a young age of 25 years.

Singer of tracks like “SUNI SUNI SADKO”, “UDAAN”, “KOSHISH MERI”, “PEETA DAARU”, “TRIBUTE”, and many other such verses has made him seize a fair share of popularity on his social media. Santy’s last track was “KILLIN”, based on the underground Indian Hip-Hop scene and has already been appreciated by his fans throughout the song, and we await his new track.


His fans await his new track.

WEE Team Received Awards From Dr Bharti Lavhekar And Namrata Thakker Entrepreneurs Excel

WEE – Women Entrepreneurs Enclave team received awards from Dr. Bharti Lavhekar, MLA Versova Vidhan Sabha. WEE team members Meenu Verma (Director – IFTM), Sushmita Srivastav (Owner – Global Chaska), Seema Suman (Owner – Truly Mithila) and Ruchi Srivastava (Founder – Vedi Ayurvedic Beauty Products) were awarded as “Top Entrepreneurs” by “Entrepreneurs Excel” Community headed by its Founder Ms. Namrata Thakker in presence of Shri Yogiraj Dabhadkar (Corporator – Ward 60) and Ms. Kajal Rochwani (Vice President – Mahila Morcha, Versova Vidhan Sabha).

Further, Ms. Chaitali Chatterjee, Chairperson of “WEE – Women Entrepreneurs Enclave” was felicitated as Jury for”Entrepreneurs Awards”.

WEE group and Chaitali Chatterjee who is also CMD of “Cleahyy Products Pvt Ltd” which is into hygiene products donated sanitary pads to “TEE Foundation”.

Millennial Pageant Launches Season 1

Millennial pageant has come up with three contests in its season one. The pageant is organized for the first time by Blackpage Fashion Host Private Limited. The company also hosts Gurugram International Couture week which is one of the biggest fashion weeks in the country. Satyajit Mohanty and Sidharth Behera are the makers of the event.
The three contests are to hunt and find fashion enthusiasts with creative minds and beautiful hearts that believe in breaking the predetermined standards of beauty.They aim to provide various opportunities for the participants to interact with some of the finest and well-known experts from the industry. It’s a doorway to the world of fame for participants.
First, Millennial pageant’s Miss Millennial India which is for unmarried girls above 5’3 and between Age – 18 to 30 years. Second, Mrs. Millennial India is for all the women who are between 21 to 50, and those who are married, divorced, separated with height above 5 feet. Third, Mr Millennial India is for men who are in 18 to 30 with a minimum height of 5’8 and above.
The show will be directed by Shamkan A with digital partner Brandpackt and has grooming experts like Nishi Bhardwaj, Dr Amit Karkhanis, along with Dr Varun Katyal, Bharat Gupta, Bia Sindhu, Seny P Arukattu, and Renuka C Shekhar, Jayalakshmi, Janmoni Das, Riju Muhammedare and Ryyana Masoom handling the backstage.The Skincare partner is Dr Tvacha and Club partner is Waka Waka, the PR and Publicity will be handled by Bee Enterprises by Ankita Sule and Makeup partners are L A Cosmetics



The pageant is organized for the first time by Blackpage Fashion Host Private Limited.

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