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Mamangam Star Prachi Tehlan Urges People To Contribute To Kerala Flood Relief

Prachi Tehlan, who is all set to debut in Mollywood with Mamangam, opposite superstar Mammootty, is pained at seeing the condition of Kerala post the floods. In a video that she uploaded on Tuesday, she is seen appealing to people to contribute generously towards the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund.

“I have spent almost two years shooting in Kerala, that it pains my heart to see the condition of the state now. Keralites are warm and loving people and I pray that all suffering ends soon,” she said in the video.

we spoke to her, she said, “A lot of my fans have been sending photos of their flooded houses and are requesting me to pray for them. It is really sad. I have done my bit of contribution to the CM fund, and am urging others to do the same through whichever way I can. These days, my Insta stories are all about artworks, the sales of which will be donated to the flood victims,” the girl with the golden heart said. Prachi has an event scheduled in Kerala, which is being delayed because of the rains. “I hope the situation gets better soon so that I can visit my favourite state at the earliest,” she signed off.’

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Visionary Model Turn Actress Nivedita Chandel Turns Fashion Entrepreneur And Music Godmother

Some are born to become a role model in others life, and Nivedita comes in that list. She doesn’t like to seat at home and wait for opportunities; she creates opportunities for her. For her, everything is possible; the impossible word doesn’t come in her dictionary.  She works on her instinct, for her result dosent matter, her will power is incredible, and she is also blessed with a vast talent, which is helping her to achieve success in life.

Nivedita Chandel, a renowned personality, is all set to start her new ventures, from top Model to actress her jouney is an inspiration for many.  It will be interesting to see how she manage things and take her business to new highs. As we said earlier also she is not a girl who seat at home and wait for things, she is dreamer her mind is full of ideas, so she is trying to bring new things with her skills.


Nivedita Chandel is starting her new venture called “Nivedita’s – Fashion & Entertainment”, which will be related to today’s fashion outfits and the music company, which will promote new songs.  First, let’s talk about fashion; this diva is going to launch most trending outfits of today’s time for girls;

No individual can ever be assured of what’s going to happen in future, you can only plan your life and career but finally its almighty who shapes it. Nivedita Chandel who was inclined towards sports in her college days and also quite got success as an athlete playing at national level finally found her pathway in modelling industry running ramp shows for most renowned designers of country namely JJ Vallya,Manish Malhotra and working in TV commercial representing renowned brand Videocon. Her educational background is also strong having done

MCom with finance major. She has also been able to make her mark in Hindi Punjabi music video industry working with Toshi Sabri in album Dilla Tahar Ja,Yaara with Akhtar brothers and Pyar Ho Na Jaye with Deep ohsaan .She was also Miss Lucknow and was brand ambassador for MR brand in Delhi.Her family have people from business and political background.

Model and actress Nivedita Chandel has now set her eyes on her fashion start up which initially be focussing on women’s wear. She has travel and researched lot before starting her venture. She has also planned to organise fashion shows and associate famed singer to create her brand.

Fashion is not only Nivedita passion but she is also have deep sense of music. She along with fashion brand is also   starting  a Online music you tube channel and the motive to start her channel is to provide a platform to aspiring talented artist who struggle a lot to make their mark She has much bigger vision for her channel producing a reality show on it..

Dreams do come true if you have fire in your belly and Nivedita Chandel have definitely got it.


Aasma Syed will be seen playing a sweet Sexy “Sonam”  Character in Ekta kapoor Alt Balajis Super killer series GANDI BAAT SEASON 3 .

The actor says “When d character was narrated I Wanted to do that character From that time itself. The character Am playing is a Sweet Sexy Character of Son am who is a sex worker And is mooh-phatt! Bindaasss!

To know the whole thing You ll have to watch our series which streams on 27th july.only.on Alt balaji App.


I want to thank and say am extremely grateful to Jaasvand production (Sachin mohite,Neha gupta) Alt Balaji (Ekta kapoor) for letting me Be a Part of this Super Hot Series.

Aavya Gupta Bags The Award Of Miss Diva Of India International 2019 A Grand Finale Organised By Virus Films & Entertainment

Aavya Gupta From Mumbai bags the prestigious Award Miss Diva Of India International 2019 Season 4 In Delhi recently. 40 Contestants from all over India had participated in the grand Finale. She received the award by the hands of well known Bollywood Actress Shahzan Padmshee.

Aavya Gupta the cute smiling personality has brought Proud to Mumbaiker by winning this prestigious Award. By profession she is Actress & Model having many Modelling and acting assignments to her credit. And she also assist her dad in interior designing projects, She is a student of Poddar International College Mumbai and has high regards for Veteran Actress Madhubala and ever charming Actor Govinda,

Aavya Gupta who is pursuing her career as Actress & Model has dream of becoming a well known Architect Of India. Some of her films and add films include NH99 Film, Sofy  Add, Mahindra jwellery Add, Himalaya Body Lotion, laa fanna music album etc.


Aavya Gupta spends her idle time by pursuing her hobbies like Horse riding , singing and dancing and sporting. She  has full hearted support of her family who have encouraged her to carry on with this glamorous profession.

The Songs of Chandni Singh Milte Marad Humko Becomes Bhojpuri’s Number One Song and Chaalkath Hamar Jawaniya On Second Postion

चांदनी सिंह का गाना मिलते मरद हमके बना भोजपुरी का नंबर वन गाना, दुसरे नंबर पर आया छलकत हमरो जवनिंया

यूटयूब की सनसनी चांदनी सिंह के दिवानों के लिये एक खुशी से झूम उठने वाली खबर आयी है। चांदनी सिंह के उपर फिल्माया गया गाना मिलते मरद हमके भूल गईलू इस समय नंबर वन गाना बन गया है। इस गाने ने पिछलेदिनों तक टॉप पर रहे गाना छलकत हमरो जवनियां ये राजा को भी पछाड़ दिया है। मिलते मरद हमके भूल गईलू मेंयूट्यूब और डिजिटल की क्वीन चांदनी सिंह के साथ भोजपुरी सुपरस्टार खेशारीलाल यादव की जोड़ी हंगामा बरपा रही है।  इस एलबम को स्वर भी दिया है खेशारीलाल यादव ने। आदि शक्ती म्युजिक कंपनी ने इस एलबम को रिलीज किया है। चांदनी सिंह के इस म्युजिक विडियो को अबतक २८ करोड़ ७० लाख ७७ हजार ६७ लोगों ने देखा है।


इसके पहले भोजपुरी का नंबर वन गाना था पवन सिंह और काजल राघानी के उपर फिल्माया छलकत हमरो जवनियां ये राजा। जिसे अबतक २८ करोड़ ६९ लाख ६६ हजार ३८ लोगों ने देखा है। चांदनी सिंह और खेशारीलाल यादव के उपर फिल्माया सुपरहिट गाना मिलते मरद हमके भूल गईलू ने छलकत हमरो जवनियां ये राजा गाने को भी पीछे छोड़ दिया है। छलकत हमरो जवनियां ये राजा को वर्ल्ड वाईड रिकार्ड ने जारी किया है। आज स्थिती यह है कि हर डीजेऔर शादी व्याह में चांदनी सिंह का यह गाना धूम मचा रहा है। इस गानेके म्युजिक सुपरडुपर हिट होने पर चांदनी सिंह को हरतरफ से बधाई मिल रही है। लोग उनके तारीफों के पुल बांध रहे हैं। आपको बतादें कि चांदनी सिंह के दुनिया में करोड़ो फैन हैं और लोग उनके म्युजिक विडियो का बेसब्री से इंतजार करते हैं। चांदनी सिंह मिलते मरद हमके भूल गईलू को इतना पंसद करने पर इसे देखने वालों और इस म्युजिक विडियो से जुड़े सभी लोगों और आदि शक्ती म्युजिक केपनी के सभी लोगोंको धन्यवाद देते हुये कहती हैं मुझे इतना प्यार मिलेगा मुझे उम्मीद नहीं थी।

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