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Singer Anuja Sahai Is Ready To Showcase Her Acting Prowess In Meaningful Cinema

Passionate about singing since childhood, Anuja Sahai is a name who is slowly and steadily making waves and creating her own space  in people’s hearts. The multi-talented Anuja is not just a singer with a divine voice, but she is also a popular model, VJ,  host and an actor who wants to explore and enjoy the world of acting as much as she is enjoying giving vocals for various songs in several languages.

From singing and performing live in schools and colleges to singing her first song for a Telugu movie and then singing many songs in various languages and then launching her own independent albums and commercial band,Anuja Sahai has come a long way who is ready to conquer the world of music.

But Anuja is one singer who just doesn’t want to be known as a singer. She is equally fascinated with the idea of performing on big screen. Being a movie buff herself, she watches all kinds of movies and herself wants to be part of meaningful cinema where she can show acting prowess and giving some kind of messages to people.

Talking about her fetish for acting, Anuja Sahai says, “Since childhood, I used to sing and perform live in school and college functions. I loved acting as much as I loved singing. Today, people not only know me as a singer, but they also know me as a model, VJ, and host who has also acted in many music videos. After making a mark as a singer, now I think I am ready for acting stints in movies. I am here to prove my  versatility not just as a singer but also as an actor who can entertain and enthrall the audiences with all kinds of roles.”

When asked what kind of roles she would like to portray on screen, Anuja Sahai quips, “I am a huge fan of meaningful Hindi cinema where women are not just used as props but they have substantial roles to play in the movies and take the narratives of the films forward. I have grown up watching such movies where women drive and lead the films as central characters.”

Further elaborating about her idea of doing films as an actor, Anuja Sahai says, “I would love to do roles which were portrayed by Meena Kumari, Waheeda Rehman and Nutan on screen. All these heroines are not just regarded for their immense acting capabilities but till now they are respected for the powerful characters they portrayed in various films”. She further adds, “If we talk about today’s  generation, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt had also done roles in meaningful films which were authored backed as main protagonists and succeeded in winning people’s hearts with their outstanding performances. I would love to do varied roles in all genres where I can showcase my talent as an actor who is capable of doing all kinds of roles.The OTT Platforms have emerged as a great space to showcase your acting capabilities, especially when you see Sonakshi Sinha doing Dahaad’ and Sanya Malhotra essay a headstrong female protagonist in Kathal; such characters boost your adrenaline and eventually, your dream roles’.

Interestingly, after getting a degree in Electronics and finishing her course in Marketing In MBA, Anuja Sahai worked in a multinational company in Hyderabad for over a year but soon she decided to shift her base to Mumbai so that she can pursue singing and acting. Apart from singing in Hindi and English, she is comfortable singing in multiple languages which also includes Punjabi, Rajasthani, Bhojpuri, Marathi, Bengali and other southern languages. Her hit songs includes ‘Payal’, ‘Rajaji’, ‘Meera’, ‘Bitiya Howe Chiraiya’, ‘Pub G Ki Game’, ‘Dil Hoom Hoom’, ‘Talash Khud Ki’, ‘Gallan Mahi Diyan’ and many others. Many of her hit songs have been released by big Music labels including T Series, Sony Music, Zee Music, Times Music etc.

Anuja Sahai says, ” I already has lot of experiences as a TV host and VJ and I have also acted in many of my own music videos too but I would love to act in films and web shows while continuing with my singing. I would not just like to be known as a singer but I would love to be known as a prolific actor. Just like the way my idol Kishore Kumar made his mark in singing as well as acting.”

Singer Anuja Sahai Is Ready To Showcase Her Acting Prowess In Meaningful Cinema

Rohaan Arjun – Indian Playback Singer An Eminent Figure In The Bollywood Industry Since 1996

An eminent figure in the Bollywood industry since 1996 (Born on 16th September 1980), has been known for his rich tonal quality and unique sense for music arrangement, and now as a social media sensation too! Having established himself as a singer, composer and arranger, he has left no reason to limit himself only to Hindi. He has projects in his hit lists which demanded adapting to Bengali, Assamese, Bhojpuri, Punjabi and various Indian Languages. A heartthrob amongst the youngsters, his live shows are real crowd energizers.

Rohaan Arjun is known for his unforgettable superhits which include the iconic arrangement of the song ”’Mash Allah”’ from the Movie “Ek Tha Tiger” under the Music Director duo Sajid–Wajid. His remix song ”Dil Naiyo Lagda” from the film Tezz is a blockbuster through Ishtar Music (perviously known as Venus Records). He exactly knew how to pull the young crowd and that is how he arranged the English version of “Dhoom Machale” sung by Tata Young. In the 90’s parties were incomplete without his remixes from the bestselling albums “Baby H” and “DJ Hot Mix”. Time and again he proved himself to be ahead of the generation; and without wasting a day, he introduced remixes in the Bengali Film Industry (Tollywood), in form of the highest selling albums “RD Club Mix” and “Kalyani Black Label Strong Superhits” (both by Saregama Music). He is known for his Background Scores for the films “Life in Park Street” directed by Rituparno Ghosh, “Bhorer Pakhi” directed by Tapan Dutta, “Kolkata – The Metro Life” directed by Rohin Banerjee out of the many hits. He became a fame overnight in the Bhojpuri Music Industry, for his creation “Rajai Bina Ratia Kaise Kati” from the album Kehu Lutera Kehu Chor (released by Saregama Music).

Rohaan Arjun has been to Julien Day School followed by Graduating in Physics Honours, from Ashutosh College, Kolkata. Apart from being a professional vocalist, he finds immense interest in flying airplanes and helicopters. A foodie from heart, he enjoys Chinese and Indian cuisines. He loves indulging in casual chats over a warm cup of coffee.

Music has been in his blood, since his father was a passionate singer and his mother was trained in classical vocals. Having started to feel the passion for music already, he completed 5th year Diploma in Tabla from Chandigarh Prachin Kala Kendra. Thereafter, he chased his interest by taking Sitar lessons from Pt. Deepak Chowdhury, disciple of The Sitar Maestro Pt. Ravi Shankar. By now he had developed good understanding in music and tried hands at light music. There was no stopping him, now that he had grabbed the opportunity to do the Background Scores for the eminent reciter Bratati Bandyopadhyay. Simultaneously, he started trying hands at live shows as a vocalist and also began his journey as creator of unforgettable remixes.

News about his upcoming projects is doing rounds in the industry. “Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi”, a duet with Neha Kakkar is coming soon, belonging to the Music Label T-Series.“Gabru”, a song of Yo Yo Honey Singh, recreated by Tanishk Bagchi, sung by Rohaan Arjun, belonging to Music Label T-Series. Upcoming playbacks under the patronage of music composers like Vishal & Sheykhar, Pritam, Himesh Reshammiya to name a few, will be published under the banners of Yash Raj Films, Saregama Music, Sony Music India, T-Series. Remix projects, “Ek Hasina Thi” to be released by Saregama Music and a new Punjabi composition “Gori Nakhra Tera” to be released under the banner of T-Series.


Rohaan Arjun – Indian Playback Singer An Eminent Figure In The Bollywood Industry Since 1996

Asian Academy Of Film And Television Holds Record-Breaking 116th Convocation

Noida, June 6, 2023 – The Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT) proudly celebrated its historic 116th Convocation, setting a new benchmark in the world of creative education. This remarkable feat marks a significant milestone as no other creative institute has ever conducted a 115th Convocation or valedictory function before.

During the momentous event, AAFT presented prestigious diplomas to the talented students who excelled in their respective disciplines. The institution’s unwavering commitment to providing the best education possible within limited fees has garnered immense satisfaction and happiness among the students.

Addressing the convocation, Sandeep Marwah, a distinguished personality and visionary, urged the graduating students to prove their capacity and capability in the industry. He emphasized the importance of the moral values imparted during their education, which hold greater significance than the syllabus itself. Marwah stressed that success in the industry awaits those who exhibit sincerity, dedication, and integrity in their work.

The occasion was graced by esteemed personalities, including Advocate Pawan Duggle from the Supreme Court, renowned Actor Producer/Director Raja Bundela, former Principal Secretary of Madhya Pradesh Prof. H.R. Garg, and architects Manish Gupta and Rashmi Gupta. These distinguished individuals also inaugurated the EDIC-Entrepreneur Development and Incubation Centre, a remarkable initiative that will empower AAFT students with entrepreneurial skills and opportunities.

AAFT continues to be at the forefront of creative education, equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and ethical values necessary for a successful career in the industry. The 116th Convocation stands as a testament to AAFT’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of film and television education.

Asian Academy Of Film And Television Holds Record-Breaking 116th Convocation

Screening Of Director MR Khan’s Film DEKHNA And Poster Launch Of New Feature Film Jiski Laathi Uski Bhains

Screening of director MR Khan’s short film “Dekhna” produced under the banner of MR Khan Films Production and MK Film Television Production was held at Impa Theater in Mumbai where everyone liked the film. This film is based on the condition of girls in the society and the way men see them. Inspired by a true incident, this film shows a bitter truth.

On this occasion, director MR Khan’s upcoming feature film “Jiski Laathi Uski Bhains” was also announced. The posters of both the films were unveiled.

Presented by MR Khan Films Production and MK Films Television Productions, the poster of Director MR Khan’s film “Dekhna” was also launched and this short film was also shown which was appreciated by all. Director MR Khan, Producer MR Khan of this film and MK Rajput, Co-Producer Rakesh Lal, Shalu Singh, KK Sharma, Lyricist Mohd Rashid Khan, Janvi, Story Writer Mohd Rashid Khan, DOP Mohsin Shaikh, Pradeep Goswami, Composer Gurdas Music Wala, Editor Anil Gupta, Singer Srishti Chakraborty, Associate Director is Rihanna Khan.PRO is KK Sharma as well as special gratitude has been expressed to KK Sharma, Rehan Ali, Yashpal Rajendra Mann.

Director MR Khan told that “Dekhana” is a women oriented short film in which the topic of women empowerment has been shown. In this, an important message has been given to the audience and the society.

The assistant director of the film is Hina Khan.

The poster of the song “Mere Khuda” from the film “Dekhna” was also launched on the occasion.


Screening Of Director MR Khan’s Film DEKHNA And Poster Launch Of New Feature Film Jiski Laathi Uski Bhains

गरीब प्रोडक्शन के निर्देशक और मेंटलिस्ट रवि निगम ने विपरीत परिस्थितियों में भी बनाया अपना अलग रास्ता

निर्देशक रवि निगम की जर्नी मायानगरी में अद्भुत रही है। उनका मानना है कि अगर आपको रास्ता नहीं मिल रहा है तो फिर राह को क्रिएट कर लो। उन्होंने इसी सिद्धांत पर अमल करते हुए अपने लिए खुद ही रास्ता बनाया है जो बेहद चुनौतियों भरा है। उनके प्रोडक्शन हाउस का नाम है “गरीब प्रोडक्शन” और इस नाम के पीछे रवि निगम का तर्क यह है कि दुनिया मे कहीं भी किसी भी क्षेत्र में कोई गरीब ही मिसाल कायम करता है। क्या कभी आपने सुना या पढ़ा है कि किसी दौलतमंद शख्स ने कोई मिसाल स्थापित की हो।

रवि निगम ने 2016 में गरीब प्रोडक्शन की शुरुआत की थी। उनके यूट्यूब चैनल के लाखों सब्सक्राइबर्स हैं, बतौर राइटर डायरेक्टर उन्होंने कई क्रिएटिव कार्य किए हैं। अमेज़न प्राइम पर रिलीज डायरेक्टर रवि निगम की फ़िल्म “ट्रिप एंड ट्रैप” दर्शकों द्वारा काफी सराही गई।

यह दुनिया की रीत है कि जब कोई आगे बढ़ता है तो उसे पीछे खींचने वाले भी काफी होते हैं। कुछ ऐसा ही रवि निगम के करीबी रहे लोगो ने उनके साथ भी किया, मगर वह घबराए नहीं बल्कि उनकी नज़र हमेशा अपनी मंज़िल पर रही और इस तरह के तत्वों की हरकतों से भी उनके कार्यों पर कोई प्रभाव नहीं पड़ा। वह माइंड रीडिंग भी करते हैं और उनके ऐसे वीडियो सोशल मीडिया पर काफी लोकप्रिय होते हैं।रवि निगम यह माइंड रीडिंग सड़क पर भी करते हैं और इंडस्ट्री के सेलेब्रिटीज़ के साथ भी कर रहे हैं।

उनका मानना है कि जब परिस्थिति बदतर भी हो जाए तब भी हार नहीं मानना चाहिए बल्कि जिंदगी में ऐसे उतार चढ़ाव से इंसान को सीखना चाहिए और फिर वही अनुभव उन्हें आगे काम आता है।

उनके गरीब प्रोडक्शन का स्लोगन है काम नाम दाम। रवि निगम का मानना है कि अगर आप मेहनत से शिद्दत से काम करेंगे तो आपका नाम भी होगा और फिर एक बार नाम हो गया तो फिर ऑटोमेटिक दाम भी मिलने लगेगा।

आज उनके पास सात कैमरे हैं जिन्हें वह किराए पर भी देते है। उनके पास प्रोडक्शन के पूरे इकुएपमेंट्स हैं।

रवि निगम मेंटलिस्ट सेशन भी करते हैं जिनसे काफी लोग प्रेरणा लेते हैं और लोगों का ढेर सारा फीडबैक भी उन्हें मिलता है। उनके माइंड रीडिंग सेशन का भी लोगों को अद्भुत अनुभव हासिल होता है। कार्ड और प्रिडिक्शन पर रवि निगम के माइंड रीडिंग ट्रिक कमाल के होते हैं।

गरीब प्रोडक्शन की फ़िल्म ट्रिप एंड ट्रैप को रवि निगम ने बखूबी डायरेक्ट किया जिसका अच्छा प्रतिसाद मिल रहा है।

उन्हें कई अवार्ड्स और सम्मान से नवाजा गया है। यूट्यूब क्रिएटर्स की ओर से रवि निगम को चैनल ऑफ द डे भी मिला है। उनके कई अपकमिंग प्रोजेक्ट्स हैं।


गरीब प्रोडक्शन के निर्देशक और मेंटलिस्ट रवि निगम ने विपरीत परिस्थितियों में भी बनाया अपना अलग रास्ता

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