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PSJ Media Vision: Emerging name in the World of Production – Post Production and Acting Academy

PSJ Media Vision is a media hub where all the work related to the TV and film world takes place. It is one stop in the entertainment world where film production, post production, acting academy, PR, in film branding, event management, celebrity management, talent pool are many things. PSJ Media has its own specialties in film making, TV shows, music videos, short films, corporate films, ad films, documentary films and web series. The company is managed by a strong and experienced team of professionals, the team consists of people who are experts in creativity, teaching, pre and post production, music, VFX and PR.

The founders of PSJ Media are three brothers Pratush, Sumit and Jai. The team of these people have successfully completed many TV shows and feature films. His team consists of well wisher and mentor Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota,  Pramod Bokadia, the son of famous producer director KC Bokadia, head of the film division, business head Smita Pandey, creative advisor Roopa Das and academy head Shivangi Vajpayee.

Jai says that the vision of our company is to celebrate creativity. We are in the entertainment industry.


Want to build a brand of our own and give a lot of value to our work and complete. As far as the film school of our company is concerned, it is different from other types of acting schools or acting courses. We teach acting at a nominal fee and also make them work in the industry because the vision of our company is that we give opportunity to new talent, get them a platform to show their talent. Our mission is to promote new talent.

PSJ Media Vision Academy has courses in Acting, Dance, Music, Voice Over and Film Making. Kathak, hip hop, Bollywood style dance are taught here in dance academy, while both camera acting and theater acting are trained in acting academy. Many types of music are taught here, including Hindustani classical music, light music and bhajan singing. Proper training of voice-over and dubbing is also provided for TV shows, radio, commercials and corporate ads.

Pinga is a Marathi film under production under this banner. For DD, the company which has made many shows like Shreejay, Yog Yatra has also produced Crime Stories. The company has also made 50 episodes of a web show called Filmy Parinde and ad films of Pan Raj and Lukman E Hayat, which have produced shows like Safar e Cinema. PSJ Media Vision is an emerging name in the field of production, post production and film academy, located in four Bungalow, Mumbai.

The next goal of PSJ Media Vision is to soon bring an Ott platform (YD) and a music company (S N MUSIC) to the audience. Through SN Music, listeners and viewers will get to hear some beautiful songs written by emerging lyricist Rachna Mishra, and we will provide many such talents through our platform.

Launching Product of Dhantal Jiya Gold Non Alcholic Beer at Bhuj Kutch

Launching product of Dhantal jiya gold non alcholic beer at Bhuj Kutch.. and same as they launched their musical jingle also- announced by managing director Mr. Prabhakar dhantal and inaugurate by miss india 2013 Ms Simran Ahuja from Mumbai..on this event professional models are walked on ramp on live garba and dhol with classical fusion played by famous school from Bhuj is sanskar school- garba group and musician group perform by sanskar school team and supported by Ms Neeta Bhatt from Sanskar School group. Sandeep Solanki from Mumbai choreograph and design the show. gujarat. saurastra. kutch distributor attend this event and make this event successful.


Moto is to have an non alcoholic beer consider as healthy drink.and all family desire to drink non alcoholic beer – here they full their desire to drink our Dhantal Jiya Gold non alcoholic beer that’s what managing director of Jiya Gold non alcoholic beer said..event happened on 14th February 2020@heart city of Bhuj well know hill view resort.and their distributor come and celebrate the bottle knotch of non alcholic- Dhantal Jiya gold non alcoholic announced with their next target is 5000cr of their goal in next three years with this type of non alcoholic beer with different flavour and they announced–Dhantal Jiya gold non alcoholic beer piyo and Dubai Jaou in 2021.

AMETHHYYST – Lounge Bar Grand Launching By Sushant G Jabare – Founder & Owner in Andheri West

A grand launching of “AMETHHYYST” Lounge Bar, with great lighting’s inspired by German Technology by Madrix, state of art sound & great hospitality provided by Owner Sushant G Jabare (Founder & Owner) recently. It was a great evening where many celebrities from various field’s were present, also a remix album “Tabaahi” by DJ Ali Merchant was launched at AMETHHYYST.

AMETHHYYST – Lounge Bar is an exceptional place to treat yourself with Premium preferential services. No matter what you have been through all day, the ambiance will fix your mood. Spread over 4200 square feet, we sweep our doors open to host finest party lovers of the town. Heart-pumping music by National & international DJ’s and spellbinding German Technology lighting by Madrix structure create their own unexplained alchemy.

Celebrities like Actor Kushal Tandon, Rishabh Pant & Prithvi Shaw (Indian cricketer), Leena Kapoor Dabangg 3 fame,


Pritam M Singh, DJ Ali Merchant, Meet Bros, Ramji Gulati, Roshni Walia, Nividita Basu, Tanishq Sharma (Miss India Worldwide), Basannt R Rasivasia, Alok Narula, Vinnay m Sudi, Sujoy Mukharjee, MLA Vikas Gogawale, Abhishek Bajaj, Shubhanshi Singh, actor Vije Bhatia, Phulwa Khamkar choreographer, Dil Sandhu, Prishmita Hazarika, actress Divya Dwivedi, Jasmine Kaur, Daljeet Kaur (IAWA), Kunal Singh,Suzane Reddy, Reena Barot & many other’s along with lots of media Grand lounge of AMETHHYYST – Lounge Bar at andheri west the heart of the Mumbai.

The Coolest Smart Brand Of The Millennials – MAML Brought To You By SURESH GANESHA And ASHOK GANGJI

Established in July 2017, the brand MAML stands for “ME AND MY LIFE” which makes your everyday stressful life appear so easy and comfortable.

“We understand the essentials of the present day go-getters who are striving to save time and money and here we are with a SMART PANT that can be worn while travelling as well as for your daily gym routine, also while having a cat-nap and then catching up with your friends for a casual hangout, attending your college and you would have never thought of changing your trousers for going to office. And it remains so fresh and formal till the end of the day,” exclaims the brand partner and designer Suresh Ganesha Patel and Ashok Gangji Arathia who claim that the attire is as versatile as it is classy.

MAML is India’s first smart and leisure brand with an international finish. No wonder, it is already tagged as the fastest selling product brand at leading stores across India.


MAML products are known for its detailed latest designs, comfy quality fabrics, colour combinations, comfortable fit throughout the day, a rich look along with its innovative product accessories.

“As of now the MAML brand has 3 categories – SMART PANTS, SMART SHORTS AND SMART JOGGS while we are soon coming up with SMART Tees,” reveals SURESH GANESHA who has a single funda for the millennials – Find Joy in every movement throughout the day.

In the Close Up Dealer Meet & Greet Event Many Stars performed And Made Event Successful

क्लोज अप के डीलर मीट एंड ग्रीट इवेंट में एक से बढ़कर एक सितारों ने किया परफोर्म ।

बनारस में हुए रंगारंग कार्यक्रम में सांसद व मेगास्टार रवि किशन , हॉट केंक अंजना सिंह और सुपरस्टार सिंगर -अभिनेता समर सिंह ने दर्शकों का दिल जीत लिया ।

बनारस के  होटल रमाडा में जब  क्लोज अप के डीलर मीट एंड ग्रीट प्रोग्राम का आयोजन किया गया तो यहाँ सांसद व मेगास्टार रवि किशन से लेकर सिंगर व सुपरस्टार समर सिंह ,हॉट केंक अंजना सिंह एक से बढ़कर एक सितारों ने परफोर्म करके दर्शको का दिल जीत लिया. आपको बता दें कि इस इवेंट का आयोजन फ्यूज़न मीडिया एंड इंटरटेनमेंट के मैनेजिंग डायरेक्टर श्री मनोज कुमार एवं टीम उदय भगत, संग्राम सिंह ,अखिलेश सिंह ने किया था. उत्तर प्रदेश के वाराणसी के  होटल रमाडा में इस प्रोग्राम का अद्वितीय आयोजन किया गया ।

भोजपुरी मेगास्टार  व सांसद रवि किशन ने यहाँ स्टेज पर कहा कि आज कल देश में स्वच्छ भारत के नारे लग रहे हैं और यह मुहीम कामयाब भी है लेकिन हम आजकल स्वच्छ भारत के साथ ‘स्वच्छ भोजपुरी’ पर भी जोर दे रहे हैं.और मैं भोजपुरी के लिए संसद भवन में भी बार बार मुहिम चला रहा हूँ कि हमारा भोजपुरी अस्टम  सूची में आ जाये।जी हाँ सांसद व मेगास्टार रावि किशन एक ऐसे सितारे के रूप में जाने जाते हैं, जो क्लीन और स्वच्छ भोजपुरी सिनेमा बनाते हैं जिन्हें पूरी फैमिली देख सकती है.’


यहाँ मौजूद भोजपुरी अभिनेत्री अंजना सिंह और सुपरस्टार समर सिंह ने कहा कि फ़िल्मी गानों में अक्सर लड़की की मुस्कराहट की बातें की जाती हैं लेकिन मैं उसका काफी हद तक श्रेय क्लोज़ अप को देती हूँ. इस अवसर पर दर्शको और श्रोताओं को क्लोज़अप का नया विज्ञापन भी दिखाया गया जिसमे राविकिशन अपने अंदाज़ में नज़र आ रहे हैं और कह रहे हैं कि क्लोज़अप सांसों की बदबू से लड़ता है और तरोताजा रखता है 12 घंटे तक.

यंहा रवि किशन अपनी प्रदर्शित हुई फ़िल्म “हम हैं चैंपियन ” का भी जिक्र किये  इस अवसर पर हॉट केंक अंजना सिंह और सुपरस्टार समर सिंह ने  कहा कि क्लोज-अप  ने हमारे  भोजपुरी को बहुत सपोर्ट कर रहा है ,और हम उम्मीद करते है कि हमेसा हमारे भोजपुर को बढ़ावा दे।इन सितारों ने क्लोज- अप को धन्यवाद  किये।इसके साथ -साथ भोजपुरी में बनने जा रही तीन फिल्मों का मुहूर्त भी किया गया जो आदि शक्ति एंटरटेनमेंट और सम क्रीएशंस के द्वारा बनाई जाएगी। फ़िल्म के निर्माता – आदि शक्ति के दुर्गा प्रसाद मजूमदार व सम क्रीएशंस के संतोष मिश्रा, उदय भगत और मनोज कुमार है। इस मौके पर जाने माने निर्माता दुर्गा प्रसाद मजुमदार, निर्देशक संतोष मिश्रा और फ़िल्म का स्टार कास्ट भी मौजूद थे।

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