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IAWA NGO celebrated International Women’s Day 2022 on 8 th March by creating a World Record with longest Conclave on YouTube where in 200 women’s from 20 countries participating in this Online Conclave

Dr Daljeet kaur the curator and host of the evening who is an Actress, a social.Activist and president of Ngo IAWA organises social events through out the year in different parts of the country has today a group of 10,000 Women who works with her in all causes. Women from different fields are  awarded on their contribution to the society and spreading the awareness on Breast and Cervix  through their social Media . As Women of today worldwide are  suffering from  Breast and cervix Cancer and not getting diagnosed in time. Ngo IAWA working from seven years on this Worldwide.

The eminent Doctors sharing the symptoms and how to protect from this disease. “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”.The Cancer warriors who have come through this pain also shared the dice of their experience how and what they have gone through during this phase of life.

Women hood is the most blessed  gift from God to the society .Women of today has reached to a very high level in society.But still she is lacking in Recognition.The society still cannot trust a women to lead any company or country.She is the most responsible Gift of God.She create life, A symbol of sacrifices from the time she is  born as a daughter, sister,mother, wife .. An emotional personality with soft heart managing her house, family children and her dreams with lots of determination and struggle.She makes sure everyone in her family gets everything they need.

IAWA NGO celebrated women hood with singers,and Dancers from different parts of the country with message of women hood. 8 th March 2022 from 11am to 8 pm .

Chief Guest of the evening was Shri Anup Jalota jee, Guest of Honour His excellency MadhuKrishan jee  from New Yor  Special Guest Dr Bhupinder Jee from Jammu ,Armi Harper from Hawaii has been struggling with her son who is fighting Cancer, Vanita from Australia, Asahi from Japan, Mauritius, Malaysia, London ,Dubai Bahrain, Canada, South Africa and from almost all states of India participated in is conclave .Satinder Malhotra, Jaya Dass, Dr Sanipina jayalakshmi Rao,Mamta Tiwari,Rashmi Rai,Manisha Mahakalkar, Dr Reetesh Sunhare, Stuti  saxena singh, kusumita, Charanya Gurusathya,Chintan Chaudhary  to name a few.

IAWA NGO works for women empowerment, providing skill development programme, education, and creating awareness in different issues of society through out the year.


IAWA NGO celebrated International Women’s Day 2022 on 8 th March by creating a World Record with longest Conclave on YouTube where in 200 women’s from 20 countries participating in this Online Conclave.

SDP Women Achievers Award was conducted Virtually by IAWA ( INNOVATIVE ARTIST WELFARE ASSOCIATION organised by Amarcine Productions

Mumbai. 50 Top achievers from the world were choosen from 2000 entries.Chief Guest of the event was Dr MadhuKrishan Honourable Ambassador of United Nation and His excellency from The American University, Chandreshekhar Pusalkar and Mridula Pusalkar grandchildren of Saraswati Bai Dadasaheb Phalke.Daljeer kaur President of Ngo IAWA an actress is behind organising such Awards even in Pandemic choosing Women through the world and bringing them on one platform.

WOMEN  of this generation have captured the whole world. They are very activly  working  in different sectors of life.From being a homemaker to an achiever had faced lots of ups and down in life but with strong determination have achieved  their dreams with passion fulfilling  their daily activities and reached the sky. Many of them working with big organization as CEO’s, successful Entrepreneurs,Social activist etc..

IAWA NGO took the initiative  to felicitate these women with Saraswatibai Dadasaheb Phalke  WOMEN ACHIEVER AWARD.  Awards are the  key to success . Saraswati Bai Dadasaheb Phalke was a strong women of who was multitasking and empowered herself helping her husband Dadasaheb Phalke to be the Pioneer in Filmmaking. IAWA gives tributes to her by awarding the strong achievers worldwide. IAWA’s moto is to motivate these women by giving them  recognition and building the confidence and  acknowledging their hardships. It’s not easy to reach one’s dreams . A women can  play multiple roles  by achieving her dreams as well as taking care of her loved ones . She still is  answerable to everyone around her ,she cannot take her  own decisions.

From young achiever Lipika show from Kolkata to Primla Hingorani famous for her fitness at the age of 77. Sanipina jayalakshmi Rao from vishakapatnam super editor of face book,working with NASA. Jaya  Krishna Das a singer  from Chennai a multitasker, Telekha Shanmugam from Malaysia,Satinder kaur an inspiration to many from Dehradun.Pallavi Bansode from Mumbai an Author,Shalini Singh journalist saksham news, Anita Bhusal from KALIMPONG,social activist,Julia Smith from Russia a singer, Asavari sharma a soft skill trainer, Rakshinda Tabassum Shaikh motivational speaker, Ruplekha Roy social activist from Kolkata,Meera Ahmed from USA an artist,Rashu Hemal a spiritual healer , Mamta Mehta from Gujrat,Ritu Asrani a filmmaker,Gioconda Vessichelli from Italy,Dolly sohi actress,Dr Kusum Dhiraj Chandani from gujrat a Physiotherapist,Parveen Sangral from Jammu,Henda oueslati from Tunisia, A sculpture artist Ramita Bhaduri from Kolkata,Anupama Trigunayat from Gurgaon an artist, Yashodaa Poojary a teacher from mumbai, Urmila Chowdhury from Bangalore an influencer, Charanya  Gurusathtya a dancing Guru , Chhaya Shishir JANBANDHU from Nagpur a strong women teaching self defence to women, Zakia Wardak General counsulate Afghanistan, Jyoti Thackare Chairperson of mahila Arthik Vikas MahaMandal, Mumbai told their inspirational stories on zoom meeting.


SDP Women Achievers Award was conducted Virtually by IAWA ( INNOVATIVE ARTIST WELFARE ASSOCIATION organised by Amarcine Productions

Victoria Quito from Imphal recieved SDP IAWA Iconic International Women Award from Amar Cine Productions

Overcoming  unimaginable  things is nothing new for Victoria Quiyo.Not only is she a thoughtful mother and wife,she is a social activist and an entrepreneur, who has broken barriers and help foster an environment that inspires the community to cultivate and incorporate sustainable skills  and ideas.

Hailing from the hilly district of Senapati, Manipur, Victoria grew up surrounded by nature and the rich Maram Thangal culture.  As a child, she was bright eyed, adventurous and had a deep desire for learning. Her fervent love for her culture and mother nature helped her initiate “Evergreen Hand” in 2008 a local handicrafts and skill development enterprise which offers authentic Manipuri handicrafts by artisans, especially northeast women artisans. She stands by the belief that local establishments and handmade business supports the local craft industries and people.

With a strong resolute determination and passion, Victoria has devoted more than 9 years of her life towards several organisations and movements including awareness programmes on menstrual health and hygiene,distribution of menstrual pads, charity for the poor and destitute, educational programmes and initiatives to help women and children in the most disadvantaged groups in rural areas of Manipur while providing resources and sustainable ways for women to economically empower themselves to help make their goals and dreams turn into a reality.

“Jamie Kitchen” with the message, “No child should suffer from hunger” is a mission to feed the poor and hungry and share the hope that comes with God.

There is no limit to what we, as women can accomplish. And Victoria is an exemplary example of it. Her determination, compassion and consistence has earned her several titles and prestigious awards,

Miss Barak (2005), 1st Runner up

Miss Barak (2005), Miss Beautiful hair

Best Female Artist Award (2005) Senapati District Level

Mrs IAWA India (2019), 1st Runner up.

Mrs IAWA India (2019), Mrs Best Smile.

Mrs IAWA India (2019), Mrs Social Media Queen.

Queen of northeast with a golden heart(2020)( fashion lifestyle magazine)

Popular Queen of Universe (2020)

Quarantine Queen of Universe (2020)

Through all her struggles and ventures, her beliefs have been affirmed that the most important ingredients that leads to the success of women are two things, support for one another and education to realise one’s dreams.


Victoria is fighting to make this become a reality through future endeavours that she would focus on with the grace of God as she believes, “A woman who fears the lord is to be praised”.

DR V V MANJULA KUMARI A Strong Determined Self Motivated Personality Felicitated By ICONIC INTERNATIONAL WOMEN AWARD 2021 Is From Guntur Andhra Pradesh

Dr. V V Manjula Kumari  a very sensitive focused  personality from a small town Guntoor ,a very pampered daughter of her Dad is from a traditional Brahmin family. Where glamour ,and fashion was a taboo and no one could  ever dream about beauty pageants.

A lucky girl was always supported  by her Ammamma(Granny) and Dad, to live her dreams She  had to fight a lot with Mom and rest of  extended family members..

Being conservative and  afraid of getting into unnecessary troubles, they never ever wanted her to be on the glamour field they wanted her to focus on education and be a successful Doctor.

She never wanted to hurt the emotions of her parents . She had dreams to walk the ramp but was always  bullied by  her classmates and friends  around her for being a fatty girl in school days , she was determined and never lost her confidence and nurtured her dreams of being a Queen of Universe.

A very devoted personality never neglected anything whatever work or responsibilities came her way ,she took it up very seriously and gave her 100% to achieve it.The most beautiful turning point of her life was when she was in love  with her dream man and she left all her dreams for him .She was really broken when she  was being questioned for her beauty by her husband’s relatives, as if being beautiful is the only criteria to get married. She  took a call  for herself and participated in a city pageant where she was crowned Miss Guntur and  Miss Andhra Beautiful eyes. She took the challenge Beauty is not in the eyes but in one’s personality and achievements and to prove this she not only won the pageant but also stood first in her academics.

She sacrificed all her dreams and got married to her beloved and wanted to have a blissful happy married life , but  destiny has something else in bestowed ,she was disheartened to know that she was not the only one in his life,she could not take this bitter truth and  started slipping into the darker clouds of depression,which dimmed her radiance for longer times,made her days gloomy.

Her strong inner self motivated her and made her realise that every darkest cloud has a Silver lining and  she’s Self-luminanous and can stand for herself ,she no more requires support from anyone .she restarted her journey and re-lived her life,her dreams,as per her passion.

Her Dad her inspiration stood  like pillar in her life this time,Mom also  supported to bring her back her hidden dreams . Her struggle started and she  achieved a lot in professional life ,but always had a small sadness that she can never achieve her  Dream of being Queen of Universe as she had responsibility of a mother and was overweight for any Beauty pageants

One of her friend adviced her to participate in a Beauty Pageant which was  for married women and here her hidden dreams got rejuvnated and she made it her goal to achieve it .She started her journey towards 360 degrees grooming  herself with determination and perseverance .It took almost two  years to  reach her childhood dream of being a Queen ,She gave the  best of herself during this course of  her journey.

She bagged the Crowns of “Mrs. Amaravathi”,”2nd Runner up Mrs.India”, “Mrs.India Intellectual” and today she is a Super Queen of Universe-2020 “Of “PQU”..Popular queen of universe.


It is rightly said where there is a will there is a way.She has achieved many awards for her professional career as an obese consultant,she is a Role Model for many ,treated lakhs of people in her chain of obesity management clinic.She is being invited as a Keynote speaker on Obesity Management.

IAWA President Dr Daljeet Kaur”s tribute to Late Actor Satish Kaul

Satish Kaul  who worked in bollywood and tollywood passed away due to Covid-19 on Saturday. The 73-year-old actor breathed his last in Ludhiana. Satish had played the role of Lord Indra in the mythological series Mahabharata. Daljeet kaur President IAWA  Innovative artist welfare association was taking care of him right from the time he was admitted in Rajpura hospital.IAWA ngo helped raise funds for his treatment.

Recently on 24 th march she went to meet Satish kaul in Ludhiana as Satish jee called number of times to meet him.where he complained about his eyesight she helped him with some cash to buy specks and  to show to a Doctor. They spent very good time he was ok .it was only two days back he was not feeling comfortable.Daljeet herself was covid positive asked her friend to help him .

IAWA invited Satish kaul as guest of honour in their event to Mumbai and tried to help him shift in mumbai.But they did not get much support from the industry. From 2015 when he met an accident Daljeet stood by him in all odds . Satya jee a very cooperative lady helped satish jee revive back from bed Soares. she is a big fan of Satish jee and took care of him from last 6 years.

Dr Daljeet says “Met Satish jee on 24 th March in Ludhiana …he told me that he is having  eyes problem and he wanted specks which he could not afford v…so I arranged for him and  and was planning to get his cataract operation bone but when I reached mumbai got positive and quarantine from 1st April rather Satish jee called me after I reached mumbai  to take care as mumbai is hub of covid 19. But see covid took him away from us.”

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