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Rohit Pathak Bakrid Releasing On 23rd August 2019

It cannot be denied that the fan base of Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam film industry is increasing rapidly. The gap between Bollywood and the south cinema world has narrowed down over the years. In fact, there are many Hindi film actors working in South film Industry. Rohit Pathak who got fame in south film industry through Theeran is riding high now days. His next film Bakrid ready to hit theater on 23rd August where he is playing villain. Rohit shared some working still with Vikranth and team on his social media.


The teaser of the movie has already been released and it has made good rounds on the internet. This is India’s first camel based film.  Bakrid starring Vikranth, Vasundhara, Rohit Pathak and The camel (Sarah). Written, directed and cinematography by Jagadeesan Subu, this movie is produced by M.S.Murugaraj under his banner M10 Productions.

——–Pigeon Media (Abhishek Dubey)

What Is Cinemchi Live

सिनेमची लाइव क्या है ।

हमारे देश में लाखों करोड़ों ऐसी अनूठी प्रतिभाएं हैं, जो बॉलीवुड में अपना करियर बनाना चाहती हैं. ऐसे लाखों लोग फिल्म नगरी में अपनी किस्मत आजमाने भी आते हैं मगर उन्हें सही प्लेटफोर्म नहीं मिल पाता है. टैलेंट से भरे ऐसे ही सिंगर्स के लिए एक बड़ा प्लेटफोर्म मौजूद है जो गायकों को सही मंच प्रदान कर रहा है.

हम बात कर रहे हैं ‘सिनेमची’ Cinemchiकंपनी की जो सिंगर्स के लिए बेहद उपयोगी है और उन्हें शोहरत हासिल करने में मदद करती है. उन्हें लाइव शोज़ दिलवाती है, बैंड की सुविधा भी उपलब्ध करवाती है यह कंपनी. साथ ही साथ इसके सिंगिंग क्लासेस भी हैं. जिसकी टैग लाइन है ‘खुद की पहचान बनाओ’. जी हाँ, मुंबई के ओशिवारा अँधेरी इलाके में स्थित ओम हीरा पन्ना मॉल में गायकी के लिए क्लास की सुविधा मौजूद है जहाँ बॉलीवुड सिंगिंग, वेस्टर्न वोकल्स, क्लासिकल म्यूजिक और गिटार बजाने की ट्रेनिंग बेहतरीन टीचर्स से दी जाती है. यह एक ऐसा सिंगिंग क्लास है जहाँ से आप शास्त्रीय संगीत की बारीकी से लेकर बॉलीवुड फिल्मो के लिए प्ले बेक सिंगिंग तक सीख सकते हैं. यहाँ गिटार बजाना भी आप लर्न कर सकते हैं ।


आज के दौर में चाहे एक्टिंग हो या सिंगिंग आपको बाकायदा ट्रेनिंग की जरुरत पड़ती है, जो सिंगर्स ट्रेनिंग लेकर आते हैं उनके लिए बॉलीवुड में भी रास्ते आसान हो जाते हैं और उन्हें मंजिल पाने में अधिक समय नहीं लगता. इस सिंगिंग क्लासेस से आप 022 497015091 पर कॉल करके सम्पर्क कर सकते है।

J Om Prakash Filmmaker and Hrithik Roshan’s Grandfather Passes Away Aged 93

J Om Prakash, veteran filmmaker and Hrithik Roshan’s maternal grandfather, passed away on Wednesday in Mumbai. He was 93. Several Bollywood celebrities, including Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, and Jeetendra arrived at J Om Prakash’s funeral to pay their last respects to the veteran filmmaker.

Hrithik, along with his father Rakesh Roshan, performed the last rites at a crematorium next to Pawan Hans crematorium in Vile Parle.

Phonographic Performance Ltd. License Holders Can Now Play Popular Hits like SCATMAN – HATMAN And Money Maker

The music licensing company has acquired the public performance collection rights for 9122 Records.

Mumbai, 5th August 2019: Phonographic Performance Ltd. adds 9122 Records to its long list of Record labels by signing an exclusive agreement for all of 9122 Records properties including hits like ‘Money Maker’, ‘SCATMAN and HATMAN’ among others. 9122 Records is a Mumbai-based vibrant record label that promises to get some of the most prolific international music to India.

The agreement monetizes 9122 Records’ public performance rights and radio rights across India with Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL), India’s largest collective rights management organization. Association with 9122 Records is a great way to establish a connect with the international music from independent labels around the world. This tie-up gives PPL access to sound recordings from pop/dance to reggaeton, from rap/hip hop to dancehall, from reggae to EDM. The agreement is an opportunity for PPL License Holders for access to variety of international music.

PPL has seen a rapid growth in the membership over the past year, currently representing 370+ music labels with more than 1.5 million international and 0.9 million domestic songs in their repertoire. The agreement with 9122 Records will further expand the company’s foothold into the Indian market. For PPL’s thousands of license holders, this new agreement will mean the legal right to publically perform a plethora of International hits like plastic Toy – Try Me [Paris], Lie To Me” by Swiss Based Veronica Fusaro among others.

Commenting on this massive deal, Mr. Rajat Kakar, CEO & MD of PPL India said “PPL is delighted to welcome 9122 as it consolidates it’s presence as the dominant Confederation for international Music for users of Public Performance and Radio rights of its members. Sunil understands the international music space very well and we look forward to licensing his repertoire of international chartbusters!”

Commenting on the association, Sunil D’Sa, Founder, 9122 Records said, “Happy to partner with PPL for increased monetization of our content given its widespread reach and expertise in collections. Am looking forward to this association on being a beneficial one for both stakeholders”.

About PPL:

PPL India is a Collective Rights Management Organization affiliated globally to IFPI (International Federation of Phonographic Industries) and represents the vast majority of Indian and Global Record Labels for monetization of their Public Performance rights and also licenses Radio Broadcasts for its members. It represents over 317 Music Labels and over 800,000 Indian works and more than 1.5 Million International Works, which it licenses to users of these in a professional and transparent manner. It is actively embracing Global best practices and is taking giant strides to enhance value for its members by increasing licensing coverage in India and overseas.

Sharman Joshi and director Aaryaan Saxena thank the villagers of Ranchi

Shooting at real location in order to give the movies the rustic and real look is something directors love doing. One such incident happened with writer Aaryaan Saxena who is all set to make directorial debut with “Fauji Calling”. The movie portrays the life and struggles of a martyr’s family and the challenges that they have to undergo after the emotional and uneventful loss of a dear one at the country’s border.

Few scenes of the movie were needed to shot in Dirigarah, a village downstream of Dassam Falls some 45 kilometres from Ranchi. As the area was bit dangerous the actors were not entirely convinced for shooting but after listening to Aaryaan’s narration they were so assured that they ended up shooting in that location putting all their trust in Aaryaan and his team.

When asked about the shoot that took place in Ranchi, director Aaryaan Saxena stated that, “It was an important shoot and I am happy it was pulled off successfully.  The entire village has been co-operative during our month long schedule and some of the residents even worked with us as junior artist in the film. I am extremely thankful of all the villagers and the artists of the movie who helped in making it possible and putting their trust and faith in me and my work. I believe that the movie will garner lots of positive appreciation from the audience”

The movie ‘Fauji Calling’ features actors like Sharman Joshi, Ranjha Vikram Singh, Bidita Bag, Mugdha Godse, child actor Mahi Soni and veteran actress Zarina Wahab & is produced by Ovez productions and Running horses studios pvt ltd. The movie has completed its second schedule and is ready to go on floor for its third schedule by the end of this August.

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